Jacob Lynch

Jacob Lynch
Jacob LynchAssociate Partner
Office: (800)-218-3944
Mobile: 502-386-0568
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Jacob Lynch, Associate Partner, joined the firm after more than a decade in the financial services industry where he enjoyed great success growing a firm from the ground up to a large practice with many staff, hundreds of clients, and millions of dollars managed and advised. He helped countless wonderful people realize their dreams, and recently sold that business for his third exit.

Jacob consults many investors and entrepreneurs still on private equity deals and investments, and has a broad history and experience in asset purchases, business sales, succession plans, mergers, divestitures, partnerships & strategic investments.

Jacob is an accomplished competitive soccer coach, involved at his church and a few non-profits, and loves to travel, read, learn, play sports, and is involved in microfinance and real estate. He lives in Louisville, KY.