Keith Crownover

KEITH CROWNOVERAssociate Partner

Associate Partner Keith Crownover has spent his career as a leader at the forefront of one of the biggest revolutions in in the health care industry – the implementation of health information technology – and now he brings his decades of expertise to the pharmacy team at Stoneridge Partners.

After graduating with an Associate Degree in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University, Keith began his career as a Computer Operator for Delta Computer Systems, Inc., a healthcare software company. He used this opportunity to learn all facets of the business, from to technology implementation to support to sales and marketing. Keith also immersed himself in the home-based care industry, gaining valuable experience as he worked with home care, home health and hospice clients from across the country.

Keith rose through the ranks at Delta over the next three decades, shepherding the company through multiple changes in ownership and eventually becoming President and CEO of what is now known as Delta Health Technologies, Inc., a role he retained for nearly 18 years. Delta Health Technologies was acquired in 2017, and in 2021, Keith transitioned to a Senior Adviser role with the company.

Keith’s experience as the leader of a company working in a highly-regulated area of the healthcare field – and his background working in both corporate and independent business environments – give him a unique ability to understand his clients’ needs. And after working in both operations and sales roles throughout his career, Keith is skilled at recognizing a business’ strengths and developing a marketing plan to introduce it to the right potential buyers.

Keith has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Geneva College, and a Master’s in Business Administration from St. Francis University.