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Why is Stoneridge Partners different from a regular business brokerage?2024-01-12T15:54:32-05:00

For more than two decades, Stoneridge Partners has exclusively specialized in the brokerage of home health, home care, hospice and behavioral health businesses, and we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the market. Over the years, we’ve built unparalleled contacts and relationships with leaders in these industries. And the members of our team have years of experience working in healthcare operations and development roles. We’re different from other business brokers because we’ve been in the same shoes as the buyers and sellers we represent.

Why do you think it’s advantageous for a buyer or seller to retain Stoneridge Partners to assist with a transaction?2020-04-28T18:07:25-04:00

Stoneridge Partners can be your trusted advisor throughout the course of your transaction so you can stay focused on the day-to-day operation of your business.

For sellers, we will analyze your financial statements and review sales of comparable businesses in your industry to help you set the right price; present a comprehensive informational package about your business to targeted buyers; and negotiate to get you the best possible price.

For buyers, we will evaluate all appropriate industry opportunities; recommend suitable targets for acquisition; negotiate with the seller’s representatives to get you the best price; and collaborate with external and internal decision-makers to streamline the transaction process.

The best decision an agency owner can make is to retain a seasoned intermediary that specializes in this industry to manage the transaction process for them.

What’s something any potential buyer or seller should know before they decide to pursue a transaction?2020-04-28T18:04:52-04:00

Negotiating a healthcare business transaction is a complex process that takes time and effort, so if you’re thinking about buying or selling, it’s always important to be prepared to enter the market.

Be sure to have your financial records in good order, from operating statements to payroll information to tax documents. Prepare reports that can accurately show the status of your business, such as accounts receivable, admissions and discharges, referral sources, marketing efforts, etc. Make sure you have a strong management team in place. All of these steps will make the due diligence process run more smoothly if a purchase offer is accepted. And be prepared that there will be bumps along the way – staying the course when inevitable challenges arise is key.

What strategic consulting services does Stoneridge Partners provide?2020-05-22T13:38:25-04:00

We use our decades of expertise in the healthcare consulting field to help our clients analyze a wide variety of strategic questions.

We’ll help you look at a possible decision to buy or sell and identify what you need to know to be best prepared for that process. Or, if you’re looking to add new service lines or grow the geographic reach of your business, we’ll put our combination of experience, industry knowledge and proprietary market data to work to help you determine your next steps.

What other services does your firm provide?2020-04-28T18:08:28-04:00

For those agencies considering a sale, we will do a complete market analysis. Based upon comparable sales data and our years of experience, we are able to give an owner a very realistic idea of what we term “the most probable selling price.” There is no charge for this service.

What is the market like for Home Care agencies?2020-04-28T18:02:11-04:00

The companies we represent can be separated into five segments: (1) agencies that provide Medicare services ; (2) agencies that provide state funded programs, such as Medicaid and Med Waiver; (3) true private duty agencies; (4) hospice agencies; and, (5) behavioral health companies.

At this time, the market for Medicare agencies is going through a massive consolidation as reimbursement continues to decrease and issues, such as Face-to-Face documentation, become increasingly onerous. The market for Medicaid agencies continues to be very strong; the market for private duty agencies has been consistently good, year after year. One of the strongest markets right now is hospice as consolidation continues at a rapid pace.

Behavioral health is another area with a strong market. We work with agencies that provide services to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, often referred to as MR/DD or ID/DD. Prices for these companies continue to be strong.

What does Stoneridge Partners do, and who are your clients?2020-06-10T13:59:39-04:00

Our team helps decision-makers in the home care, home health, hospice and behavioral health industries plan for the future by pursuing strategic growth opportunities; preparing for transitions in ownership; and identifying new strategies that will put their companies on the path to success.

Stoneridge Partners specializes in managing transactions for home care, home health, hospice and behavioral health companies. What’s the difference in the services these companies provide?2024-01-12T15:55:42-05:00

Home care (also sometimes known as personal care or private-duty) companies typically provide in-home, non-clinical services that help patients live independently. Caregivers may assist patients with daily activities like getting dressed or bathing, or may perform light housekeeping duties. Traditionally these services may be covered by any of a number of payors, such as Medicaid or other public funding sources, private pay or long-term care insurance. Find out more about the current home care market from one of Stoneridge Partners’ experienced advisors here.

Home health companies use medical professionals to provide post-acute clinical services in the home. These services may include wound care, intravenous therapy, assistance with managing chronic health conditions and physical, occupational and speech therapy. These services are covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans or commercial insurance. Click here to learn more about the current home health market from one of Stoneridge Partners’ advisors.

Hospice and/or palliative care is provided to patients who are suffering from a life-limiting illness. The goal of hospice care is to ease any pain or symptoms and to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Other services may include assistance with managing household tasks while the patient is being cared for; counseling for the patient, family and friends; and respite care for the patient’s caregivers. Hospice services are traditionally covered under the Medicare benefit.

Behavioral health is a field that encompasses a wide spectrum of healthcare services. Some providers specialize in working with clients who have intellectual or developmental disabilities; often these services may be provided in group homes, community-based settings or via in-home support services. Others provide treatment for substance use disorders through out-patient or residential in-patient services. Read more about the current market for behavioral health service providers here.

How is Stoneridge Partners compensated for its services?2020-04-28T18:03:01-04:00

Our consulting and analytics services are fee-based. When we represent a buyer or seller in a transaction, we are only paid a percentage of the sale price. There are no upfront fees of any kind, and our client has absolute discretion accepting or rejecting any offer.

How can Stoneridge Strategic Consulting assist me in preparing for the transaction process?2020-05-22T13:40:12-04:00

We have more than two decades of experience working in the home care, home health, hospice and behavioral health mergers and acquisitions markets, so we understand what makes deals work or falter. We can review your financial, clinical and operational performance to address potential stumbling blocks prior to the initiation of the deal process. Whether you need help with revenue cycle bottlenecks, clinical compliance issues or personnel change management challenges, Stoneridge Strategic Consulting can help you smooth the path toward a successful transaction.

Do you work with both buyers and sellers?2020-04-28T18:00:27-04:00

Absolutely. When a seller retains Stoneridge Partners, our job is to use our knowledge of the industry and the healthcare marketplace to help the seller determine the appropriate valuation for their business and connect them with the right buyers. And when we are retained by a buyer, our role is to use our expertise and wealth of industry contacts to help them grow or diversify their healthcare business by identifying strategic opportunities – sometimes even before they’ve hit the market – and negotiating a fair deal.

Can Stoneridge help me understand the market opportunity within a specific location?2020-05-22T13:41:10-04:00

Absolutely. We’ll use our in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry combined with our proprietary data resources to help you identify strategic referral sources, market opportunities and payor contracts.

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