Behavioral Health Mergers and Acquisitions

Changes at the state and federal level have made it easier and less expensive for patients to access behavioral health services – now, demand is outpacing supply. The sector is also attracting attention from large healthcare systems as we understand more about the connection between improved behavioral health and overall health outcomes.

Whether you’re an existing provider or looking to enter the market, this is the time to maximize your opportunities in the behavioral health industry. Are you a current owner thinking about an exit plan? Are you looking to consolidate with other providers to grow your footprint?

Stoneridge Partners can help.

What is Behavioral Health?

The term “behavioral health” is often used to encompass a wide spectrum of healthcare services. It can refer to providers who specialize in working with clients who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, or it may include treatment providers who offer outpatient or residential in-patient services for youth and adults with behavioral issues and substance use disorders.

Why Should I Trust Stoneridge Partners to Help Me Plan for the Future of My Behavioral Health Business?

  • Our leadership team has decades of experience working in executive-level positions for large behavioral health providers across the U.S.
  • We have long-term relationships with the industry players and we know what buyers look for in acquisition opportunities.

Want To Know More?

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